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COACHES - - - Beginning Monday, August 8, 2016 the ENDURO Entries (TrackRoster) website will be shut down. Our new website (”Run ENDURO USA”) will be open for business.  - - - run “the long race”. All coaches (school & club) will need to visit our new website to setup their own “Run ENDURO” account.  Below are a few instructions to help you get started.  -  -  - (1)  Go to:  www.runendurousa.com (2)  On the login window click on “Sign Up” (3)  Complete the information on the pop-up window and click “Setup My ENDURO Account”.             Important reminder:  BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR NEW USERNAME AND PASSWORD.             Your “username” no longer has to be your email address.  It can basically be anything you choose. (4)  Once you’ve logged into your account for the first time, immediately UPGRADE your “Basic”        Run ENDURO Account to a “Coach of Record” account.  You will find the “Upgrade” button        under your name.  [It’s recommend that you log into your account on a computer (not a smart phone)        until you have become familiar with how to navigate within the website.] (5)  Once you’ve upgraded to “Coach of Record”, your account is “up and running”. You’re now ready to        begin adding students to your roster(s).  To do so, simply go to the left navigation panel within your        account - - - click on “My Roster List” - then on “Student Rosters” - then, click the roster you desire. We’ve built the structure of our new website in a way that’s entirely different from ENDURO Entries. For example, you can add rosters to your account as needed.  And, you can switch students from one coach’s “ENDURO” account to a differnet coach’s “ENDURO” account by “switching” the student from one coach’s roster to the other coach’s roster (as needed).  You can even have rosters from different school’s added to your “Coach of Record” account.  This will be very useful if you are coaching both junior high and high school students.  (To add a different school, do so from the “Upgrade” window.) That’s just a small sample of the features and flexability you will find in our new “ENDURO” website. The word “ENDURO” (by definition) means, “a long race”.  Our mission is to provide resources for local, affordable activities that support student, family and community health, while Always Moving Forward - Guided by RESPECT and REALITY™.  Our goal is to help make “Your Race” as successful as possible. To be redirected to our new website (to setup your own “ENDURO” account), click